Current Dance Offerings:

DANCE ENERGIZERS – For Workshops and Retreats. 

Add instant energy, excitement and freedom to your group with an easy, can’t stay in your seat dance routine to uplifting music.

Remember when everyone knew the hustle and music would come on and people all joined in? Remember the heightened feeling of everyone doing the same moves to charged music?  It is an exciting and powerful experience.

I create a very easy, low impact, but high energy dance routine tailored for your group to music of your choice or my suggestion. The routines are easy enough for anyone to learn, and every time the music starts everyone can’t help but jump in. No more watching a few people dancing on the side. This gets the whole group up and involved with giant grins on their faces.  Ideal for multi-day or week long workshops.  Also, check out our Broadway Dance for Boomers program (see below).

I grew up in my mother's tap dance studio, worked as a professional choreographer and dance teacher for many years, and continue to find my inner spark, inspiration and energy when I hear good music and start to move. After many injuries (non dance related) I have learned to adapt and find my spark no matter what parts of my body move or don’t.  I love sharing my joy of dance and helping people to find their inner dancer and bring it out.

broadway dance classes for boomers and beyond

BROADWAY DANCE FOR BOOMERS AND BEYOND - If you have ever secretly imagined yourself being in a Broadway show or movie musical, Broadway dance is the next best thing. This is an easy, beginning level class where students of a wise age learn routines to great Broadway songs in musical theater style. It is now scientifically shown that learning dance patterns is the #1 thing we can do to help brain elasticity.  And, it is just a whole lot of fun. No partner needed, we supply hats and canes, you bring your sense of fun and adventure. Ongoing classes currently offered in Oregon.

BROADWAY DANCE FOR EVERYONE – This is the same style as Broadway for Boomers, but tailored for specific groups of any age or ability.

Some of the benefits of dance:

  • Immediately improves mood
  • Gets the heart and muscles moving
  • Helps coordination
  • Improves brain elasticity
  • Brings joy and smiles
  • Allows personal expression through the body
  • Energizes
  • Enhances groups


"Audrey has refined her own 'playful instinct' as an art form which she is now generously offering to others. To say her creative energy is infectious is a gross understatement. It's more like an epidemic."