For Retreat Centers

One of my happiest places in the world is being in a retreat setting with wonderful people, learning new things, creating community, and inspiring each other. Playful Instinct fits perfectly in these settings.

Playful Instinct games bring groups together quickly with fun, laughter and playful learning. We use core principles of improv, without the drama or stress, which focus on learning techniques for saying "Yes And," to a situation instead of "No But."  We unscramble the critical mind and have permission to not be perfect.  Participants connect more deeply to their innate playful creative essence and expression and rewire old patterns of thinking. Laughter becomes a thread through-out our time together and deep friendships are formed.

Playful Instinct for retreat centers is ideal for:

  • Bonus offerings added to your curriculum of workshops
  • Family camps
  • Company retreats

Options for Playful Instinct retreats:

As part of a bigger program - Independent one or two hour workshop sessions intertwined within your curriculum for small or large groups.

As the main offering - A full weekend of one or two sessions a day tailored specifically to a group. We travel through ice breakers, improv games, deeper exploration into communication techniques, personal creativity and expression. The growth and transformation of a full weekend or more can change lives. People quickly free the busy mind and access their deepest, playful, creative instincts, change old thinking patterns, express more fully, relieve stress, make great friendships, and laugh a lot.

Community Dance routine - There is nothing quite like the energy, excitement and freedom of a group dancing together in unison. Remember when everyone knew the hustle and music would come on and people all joined in? I can create a very easy, low impact, but high energy dance routine for your group to uplifting music. The routines are easy enough for anyone to learn, and every time the music starts, everyone can’t help but jump in. No more watching a few people dancing on the side. This gets the whole group up and involved with giant grins on their faces. Ideal for multi-day or week long retreats.


"Audrey has refined her own 'playful instinct' as an art form which she is now generously offering to others. To say her creative energy is infectious is a gross understatement. It's more like an epidemic."